The idea of organizing a contest club for Louisiana hams originated during a discussion at the 2008 Dayton Hamvention. After much correspondence concerning the organizational makeup and constitution, we finalized everything at the Leesville Hamfest on August 9, 2008 where the legal documents to complete the organization were signed.

The founding members of the LCC are: Charles Morrison N5WE, Mark Ketchell K5ER, Pat Sonnier W5WMU (SK), Roland Guidry NA5Q and Scott Dickson W5WZ.

The Louisiana Contest Club is a special purpose amateur radio club devoted to the pursuit of operating and technical excellence. Our goals are simple:

  • To promote the fun, satisfaction and competitive thrill of radio contesting
  • To assist our members in the development of their operating and technical skills
  • To foster increased friendly competition and sportsmanship
  • To become a competitive force in club competition of amateur radio contests

We would love to have you join us!

The LCC is an ARRL-affiliated club.

The LCC sponsors the Louisiana QSO Party